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Nappy Collections

We provide a flexible collection service that meets the needs of the Authority, in a cost effective and flexible manner


Recycling Solutions

We help organisations adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


Quality Services

We focus on disposing of all used nappy materials sustainably while minimising environmental impact.

What is NappiCycle?

With nearly 3 billion nappies thrown thrown away in the UK every year, or 8 million nappies a day, we are determined to help find a solution to this problem.

Services & Solutions

Our aim is to develop innovative solutions for a better future and reduce our dependency on the traditional landfill option.

Nappy Collection
Providing a dedicated kerbside collection service to all 22 Local Authorities within Wales for used nappies and AHP / incontinence materials
A pioneering, local, environmentally-friendly solution to landfill waste that meets all EU directives on biodegradable wastes.
With our unique recovery process, we offer an innovative, cost-effective solution to adult incontinence products and children's nappy waste.
Aiming to develop Sustainability within our communities and significantly reduce our Ecological footprint within the UK.

The NappiCycle Process

Our aim is to develop sustainability within our communities and significantly reduce our Ecological footprint within Wales.

Nappies recycled in the last year
Nappies per child in UK
Years for nappies to decompose

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