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A True Innovation

A true “zero waste to landfill” option for disposable nappies.

The cellulose fibre can be used for a wide variety of commercial purposes, including the production of fibre boards and acoustic panelling, with the plastics sent to secondary re-processors for recycling.

100% Recycled No Landfill

The recovered cellulosic output is being marketed as a replacement raw material that can be used in the manufacture of products, such as panel boards, in the same way as other manufacturers would use wood fibres in chipboard, for example.

The panels are being tested and marketed as feature wall cladding and construction panels, although a number of other products are also under consideration, including insulation and acoustic panels. This not only provides a more environmentally sustainable solution for the previously considered ‘waste’ but also provides a new economic development opportunity in the manufacture of products from recovered materials.

In the last year alone, we have diverted over 4,000 tonnes,
20 million nappy-equivalents from landfill.

Through our innovative approach to used nappies and AHP’s, in a typical month, we are currently diverting approximately 1.7 million nappy-equivalents from landfill.

Last Year’s Performance
Tonnes Diverted

million nappy-equivalents from landfill

% diverted from landfill


Aiming to develop Sustainability within our communities and significantly reduce our Ecological footprint within Wales.

No of Nappies Recycled

Total number of nappies diverted from landfill over the last 12mths

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